Whether you're thinking about getting into the storage business or are already in it you need to know . .

"How to Competition Proof Your
Self Storage Facility"

(Learn the inside secrets from the world's top marketing expert in the self storage field who has to-date generated his clients over $5.1 Million in additional profits)

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Dear Storage Owner/Manager/Investor

How would you like a system that was guaranteed to:

  • Ensure 93+% occupancy for as long as you want to stay in the storage business
  • Increase the number of calls you get from your yellow page ads by up to 250%?
  • Cut the time to train your employees, or yourself, in half?
  • Dramatically increase your profitability in the next 12 months by well over $5,000?
  • Make you virtually competition proof?
  • Increase the number of people who visit your facility by 25 - 30%?
  • Increase the number of people you close on renting a unit by 15 - 20%?
  • Make sure every penny you spend on marketing will be well spent?

Well, now you can! Quickly and easily.


4 Vital Steps to Self Storage Success

As I see it, there are 4 steps to success in the storage business.

First, you have to get the phone to ring. More often and for a lot less money. This is what this system is all about. Not the same old stuff you've heard a thousand times before but new, creative and innovative marketing ideas you have may never have heard.

The second step in the storage sales process is getting those people who call to come in and visit. Each phone call you get costs you a minimum of $20. The national closing average is somewhere around 50%. The goal of this system is to increase your closing ratio by 20%. To get as many as 70% of the people who call to come visit you. Think of what a huge difference that would make.

The third step is getting those who visit to sign a rental agreement. This number can also be improved. Even if you are doing quite well at this now, you�ll learn new concepts to move your closing ratio even higher.

The fourth and final step is getting those who rent from you to stay longer and give you a ton of referrals. This system will give you specific steps to do both of these elements.


There Is a Lot of MISinformation Out There!

There is a LOT of misinformation out there in the self storage business. And, a lot of information that is incredibly out of date.

I sat in on a seminar given by one of the "so-called" experts in the self storage industry a few years back and then again about a year ago. The presentation hadn't been changed. I guess that this means that nothing had changed in the storage industry over that 3 year period.


This is absurd! There has been so much change in the industry that it's scary. How can anyone get up in front of people and in good conscience do this?

Don't be fooled by these people.

Ask anyone you deal with in the industry if they have a 100% money back guarantee. If they don't . . . RUN the other way.


What if You are Just Thinking About Getting into the Business?

Even if you are just thinking about getting into the self-storage business, you'll want to understand this system.

Without a complete understanding of my system you won't really know whether or not the storage business is for you. I do a lot of what are called "feasibility studies" for clients. These involve visiting a proposed site (or area) and trying to determine whether or not self storage makes sense in that particular locale.

What amazes me is how many people hire individuals with little or no marketing expertise to help them on projects like this. When it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is whether or not a proposed site works from a marketing perspective.

So, if you're not yet in the business, PLEASE get someone to help you who has in-depth marketing knowledge. Without that, you could be making a million dollar mistake.


Who Am I?

My name is Fred Gleeck. I'm the owner of Self Storage Success�, a multifaceted consulting and training company geared to helping owners and managers maximize profitability. I literally "wrote the book" on storage marketing.

I have over 1,000 clients who have profitably used my information to make more money at their facilities.

I founded the Self Storage Marketing Association and I'm also the publisher of Self Storage Marketing Magic� the only monthly marketing newsletter in the industry. The only monthly storage publication devoted entirely to marketing. I'm also the producer of the only professional video training materials in the storage industry.

In short, I'm an expert in the storage field. Some say THE expert. From the marketing standpoint, that statement IS true.

Here's What You'll Learn from My System:

  • Understand what Centers of Influence are and why you must have them to succeed
  • Tips to getting tenants to spend $10 more every month
  • A tested system for shopping your competition
  • Key industry statistics you need to know in order to rate your success in the storage industry
  • What is "Me-Tooism" and why it saps sales
  • Why you must appear like a specialist not a generalist in your storage business
  • Free reports: what they are, why you need them
  • 6 vital statistics you must keep and track . . . without these key statistics you won't know where you stand
  • 3 keys to doubling your number of highly profitable commercial tenants who stay longer and pay more
  • 7 direct mail secrets every owner should know if you're going to be using any sort of direct mail at all
  • 3 vital statistics every owner must know daily
  • What is your "USP" and why it's critical to your success as a self storage owner or operator
  • How to effortlessly increase a managers' productivity by 18%
  • Maximizing storage visibility: 4 vital steps you need to take now
  • Your single biggest weapon to win the storage game . . . the most important
  • Key marketing tools no owner should be without, but less than 5% have and use
  • On-site promotional strategies that will sky-rocket your retail profits through the roof
  • A tested system to generating you well over $5,000 worth of publicity in the next 90 days
  • Maximizing your effectiveness of local promotional tie-ins with retailers and other business owners near by
  • 5 creative marketing secrets every owner must know
  • How and why you should never compete on price . . . unlike 99% of storage
  • Understanding the important difference between economic and physical occupancy
  • The one place which must always be spotless and why
  • 4 tips to getting your phone to effectively sell for you after hours

And there's more:

  • What specials you must never use and why most storage facilities are using them foolishly
  • Storage hotlines: what they are, how to use them effectively and and why it's one of your cheapest and most effective marketing tools
  • Creating $348 out of thin air to give away to prospects that will substantially increase your number of visitors
  • Internet marketing secrets every storage owner must know to succeed . . . that less than 1% of owners know
  • The 2 best ways to use security as a marketing tool
  • 4 secrets to making Val Pak (those coupons you get in the mail every month) work
  • Customer Service secrets every owner must know
  • Secrets to get peoples names over 85% of the time
  • 4 Tips to compensating managers to get the best results
  • 11 Steps to writing direct mail that will triple you response rates
  • A simple "trick" to increase repeat customers by 22%
  • Increasing add-on product sales by a minimum of 33%
  • 3 reasons why you must use customer questionnaires
  • How to train employees to be twice as good in half the time
  • 5 key things not to do with your storage brochures
  • Late fees: A system to Increase profits by 8%, virtually overnight
  • An additional income source less than 1% of owners know, but my customers DO!
  • A simple system to Increase Referrals by 25%
  • Owning your own truck? Good idea or not?
  • 7 Things every storage office must have to increase sales
  • 3 Signage "no-no�s" that will lose you business
  • How to Increase Yellow Page Ad Response by 250%
  • A simple trick to increase the average rental stay by 17%
  • How to Sell 300% more boxes each month with little or no additional effort
  • 3 characteristics every manager must have and why

What Others Have to Say about Me and My System:

(These are just a few of the many DOCUMENTED comments we've received)

"It was without a doubt the most productive 8 hours I've spent since entering the self storage business. I hope every self storage owner and manager in the country with the exception of my competitors, get the chance to hear Fred speak. It is quite apparent to me that the self storage industry will soon enter a fiercely competitive phase, I now feel armed for the battle."

Mark Harris, President, West End Self Storage, Richmond, VA


"Packed with information - more useable stuff than several industry conferences combined . . . very much appreciated the honesty/real tone; great backup of videos - imaginative. Best of all: got me excited again about the industry. One of the best seminars I've ever done.

Catherine Ten Eyck, Vienna, VA, (20 years experience in the storage industry)


"Just finished your tapes and the videos and already put the information to good use. Your guerrilla tactics for Yellow Page ads gave me several great ideas and we changed the final proof of our ad just in time.

David Meadows, Stor-USA, Heathrow, FL


"Fred Gleeck's Turning Calls Into Visits is the best telephone training product on the market. I highly recommend it. . . . Turning Visits Into Contracts is an entertaining and effective way to teach managers the importance of being professional.

Mike Burnam, C.E.O. - Storage Trust, (Over 180 storage facilities nationwide)


"In my area I have 2 large competitors within 1 mile. We are the highest price in town and we still maintain a 90% occupancy. And we have done this simply by following your suggestions.

Mike Corrigan, Stor-All, Merrit Island, FL


"A ton of information that was valuable in a short amount of time without being overwhelmed."

Joshua Ray, Rockford, IL


"I liked the killer style of selling . . .

H.D. Harvey, Wayne, PA


"A formal letter to tell you how very much I enjoyed the seminar . . . I learned a great deal on direct mailing to commercial accounts and overall some new marketing approaches that I know will increase our bottom line quicker.

Bobbi Schnee, Operations Manager, U-Store-It, York, PA


"More power and information packed into the time allotted than any other seminar. If you want to be successful you need to hear Fred.

Morgan Davis, Mesa, AZ


"I can't wait to take this home and use it at our facilities immediately.

Jeff Dodds, Tulare, CA

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

This is absolutely, positively, the most powerful self storage marketing system ever created. Period. I guarantee it. Why am I so sure of this? Because I've tested it with over 1,000 REAL self storage owners and it works!

If you're not thrilled, you don't pay for it. If at any time, for the rest of MY life, you decide it's not worth 10 times what you paid for it, send it back for a full refund.

The $97 investment is so small it's almost laughable.

Think about it. If you get just one additional storage customer as a result of using this system it pays for itself. But you won't! You'll get HUNDREDS more.

Why is this system so cheap? Simple. I have a lot of other tools and resources I'd like you to invest in. But I know you wouldn't even consider them unless you tried something and it worked as promised. Well, here's your chance.

And as If That's Not Enough:

You'll also receive 3 FREE BONUSES worth over $975:

  • A 30 minute free consultation on the phone on any topic you choose. I normally charge $375 an hour and it's a free bonus if you purchase my system via this web site. (Value=$187.50)
  • A 50% discount to any of my seminars or bootcamps. This discount is worth as much as $750. Bootcamp registration is often over $1500. (Value=$750)
  • A free special report on how to hire the most effective manager. This normally goes for $39 and this short report is worth 100 times that amount. (Value=$39)

Let's Recap:

  • You get a tried and true marketing systems for a mere $97
  • You get over $975 in valuable profit building self storage bonuses
  • It all comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee
  • And when you put it to work it can make you tens of thousands of dollars in additional profits

I don't know what else to tell you except . . .

Click here to ORDER NOW!

With Best Wishes For Your Storage Success,

Fred Gleeck

P.S. Make sure you sign up for my FREE "Self Storage Marketing Tips Bulletin " by sending an e-mail to: Click to decrypt my email address. I'll let you know any time I have a hot marketing tip that any owner or manager can use. These tips will come on average 2 to 3 times a month. They will not be done on any schedule. Whenever I find a great new idea, I'll share it with you. Things are changing so rapidly in the industry that I want to give you the latest marketing ideas that I find that are working with my existing clients. How can you lose? It's free. Sign up NOW!

P.P.S. - If you need to speak with me for any reason, give me a call at 1-800-345-3325.

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Testimonials on this site: The testimonials on this site definitely do NOT represent the "average" person that buys this or ANY of my products. I'm sad to say that VERY FEW people actually take action and do anything. The material is very good and those who DO take action generally achieve pretty good results, BUT, the vast majority, probably 98% of people do NOTHING. The testimonials on this site represent those who HAVE done SOMETHING. I only hope that you are one of them! I make no promises about your results. That's up to you. The information is solid. The testimonials represent a VERY SMALL portion of the people who buy this product, much to my chagrin!

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